KS’s Rice Part Deux

Ok, so let’s try this again.  I made KS’s bacon rice again tonight, hoping to improve on mistakes I made the first time I tried.  This time it was definitely way in yummy territory.

1 cup basmati
2 cups chicken stock
4 slices of bacon
baby peas (aprox 1/2 cup)
minced garlic
Seasonings: salt, pepper, paprika & nutmeg (optional, but gives it a little sumthin’ sumthin’)

Slice up your bacon and let cook up in a pot over medium heat.  Add minced garlic (approx 1 Tbsp, more or less to your taste) and seasonings and stir.  This time I was sure to add lots of salt (my stock was unsalted).  Add rice and peas (I didn’t have any kale or chard, so I used the peas I had in my freezer), stir and let cook for a minute or two so it soaks up the yummy bacon fat and seasonings.  Add stock, cover and let cook per rice’s cooking instructions (approx 20 min at a simmer).

Mmmm-mmm.  Seriously, the bacon makes this.  If you like bacon, you’ll love the depth and flavor it adds here.  Lots of possibilities with this recipe.


3 Comments to “KS’s Rice Part Deux”

  1. It’s lunchtime right now, so reading this is making me HUNGRY. So you just cook the rice in the stock? YUM!

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