Basic Veggie Soups

Ooo, nice NYT article on the basics of making vegetable soups, broken down into 4 categories:  NYT: Creamy, Brothy, Earthy, Hearty

And more on Bittman’s Vegetable Soup Matrix













3 Comments to “Basic Veggie Soups”

  1. MMM! I’ve been thinking about making my own stocks so I can have soup more frequently without the high sodium ones I get out of a can. Maybe we can have a chicken stock date and split the batch between our two freezers?

    • that would be fun. kathy and i were just talking about stock because she makes her own and says it’s pretty easy. let me know when and i can roll by her garden for herbs! ^_^

  2. Mmm! I had to think twice about which Kathy you were referring to! We should totally go by for a visit! I can bring some navel oranges!

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