Shepard Fairey @ [ALOUD]

So last night Lammy and I went to see Shepard Fairey at the Central Library.  And it was awesome!  He was so interesting, insightful, funny…  The Library Foundation site offers the Shepard Fairey Politics of Street Art podcast of the night, if you’d like a listen.  No photos allowed, but I tried to take some on the dl with my phone anyways.  Unfortunately, they came out awful and I really wish I had just flat out taken a proper one.  I swear it’s Shepard (on the right).  Really, it is!







Ok, fine.  Here’s a non-wiggety wack pic from the Library site:

Shepard Fairey with Aaron Rose

They held a cocktail reception afterwards and Shepard was signing copies of his books, Obey and Mayday, but we were tired and decided to leave.  But as we were filing out, they announced that he had brought stickers, so we asked one of the library girls where we could get them.  First, she gives us a completely nasty, WTH look.  Then she says she doesn’t know what we’re talking about.  “Stickers??  Uh, what stickers??”  This was the same girl who I noticed earlier had handed the mic to someone in the audience and then proceeded with continuous “hurry up” gestures as he was asking his question.  Sooo hella rude!

To make matters worse.  I walked over to the Library today to pick up copies of the autographed books, as they usually keep some on hand after a speaker event.  The Library Store girl says to me, Yea, I heard he even brought stickers!  Arrrggghhh!  Oh, well.  At least we got to see and hear him, which was great.  Here are pics of the books: one for me and one for Lammy’s bro.


9 Comments to “Shepard Fairey @ [ALOUD]”

  1. kero, you are such a sweetie, thank you again for picking up the autographed copy…it looks AWESOME!!!!

  2. Do you two just comment on each other’s blog?

  3. don’t be jealous, mincho! BNBB(Best non-bot buddies)!!!

  4. kero how sad! i was so excited that min was commenting on our blogs and i was like, “mincho want to be in mine and kero’s blog club” and he promptly replied, “no not really”. his loss, really.

  5. Oh and it’s 3 days later and i’m still bummed about the sticker.

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