Maintaining Your Cast Iron

Great tips!  Now I know that: 1) I didn’t season my cast iron properly from the the get go; and 2) I’m supposed to be lightly washing my pan since I don’t use it daily.  Aish!

For some reason, WordPress is not letting me re-post the blog, so here’s the link:  KCRW Ask Evan: Maintaining Cast Iron Cookware

KCRW Good Food: Ask Evan


2 Comments to “Maintaining Your Cast Iron”

  1. I have been wanting a cast iron skillet for the LONGEST time. What do you cook on it, Kero? Do you find it hard to store? It seems a little grimey and heavy

    • you should definitely get one! it is a bit heavy, but worth having around. i have a 10″. i’ve fried chicken in it, made the most simple & amazing filet mignon (i will have to post this recipe the next time i make it), i’ve frittata’d, etc… you definitely end up w/slight sheen to it, but that’s a good thing. but, yea, apparently i need to wash it because i don’t use it quite enough. i’m sure it’s a lot more versatile that i imagine.

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