Big Man Bakes

Big Man Bakes is definitely near the top of my list of fave cupcakes places around town, although Lark is still my numbero uno for their Berry Shortcake. I’m not going to wax poetic about the virtues of cupcakes or break it down to the point where you’re just like.. *yawn* (those kind of Yelp reviews make my stomach hurt). In my book, two things make a good cupcake: moist + delicious.  Not only does BMB totally fulfill those 2 Kero cupcake requirements, they’re also reasonably priced and the staff are really nice.  I usually get the 12 minis/$10.  Considering the quality, I don’t have to tell you what a great value this is.  Big Man Bakes?  Oh, yes he does!

Man, I can’t wait til I get my new iPhone so I can take some better pics.  They kinda flipped around on the car ride home, but what I got: Minis of red velvet, carrot cake, lemon, chocolate w/vanilla, banana nut w/vanilla and a regular apple w/caramel frosting (had a sample of this and had to get it).  Mmmm….

Tip: You get free 15 min. parking at the parking garage just before the bakery.  Just tell the attendant where you’re going.


3 Comments to “Big Man Bakes”

  1. I remember those delicious cupcakes! Mmmmmm-mmm-mmm… On another note, it is so much easier to blog on the go from your phone, isn’t it? it those extra steps of taking the pics off the card and resizing them….ughhhh.

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