MOCA: Art In The Streets

MOCA must have access to various donor lists because I just received an invite to the preview party for their upcoming exhibition, Art in the Streets (IF I become a member). First time I’ve received anything from them that I can remember…  Meh, not sure I’ll become a member — they never have much that interests me. Last time I was there was for the Murakami exhibit, which Kat thought was weird because of the squirting milk from anime boobies…  But I digress…

The exhibition will showcase the history of graffiti and the street art movement from the 70’s-present.  According to the invite: “Art in the Streets will explore connections between hip-hop, skateboarding, dance, and music subcultures, and will present the work of over 30 artists including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fab 5 Freddy, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Dash Snow, Shepard Fairey, Ed Templeton, Margaret Kilgallen, Barry McGee, and Banksy.” It will also feature installations by some of today’s graffiti and street artists.

This sounds totally neat and I’m all over it. I already know I can count TaiTai, Howie and Lammy to be in the mix.

What:         Art in the Streets
Where:      The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
When:       April 17, 2011 – August 8, 2011

Read more at:
LAT Culture Monster: Graffiti and street art show to take over MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary in 2011

LAT Culture Monster: Art in the Streets

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4 Responses to “MOCA: Art In The Streets”

  1. Pourquoi BLU n’est-il pas présent dans cette exposition ?
    L’art de la rue aurait-il des limites à la liberté d’expression ?
    Le marché de l’art aurait il du mal à intégrer les œuvres productrices de sens, au-delà du convenu ?

    L’épisode de décembre 2010 au MOCA est vite évacué, je trouve …

    J’irai voir le travail de BLU dans les rues, garder vos outils de spéculation au musée !

    Sabine Jauffret


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