Frittata with what you’ve gotta.

Woke up this morning so hungry, but didn’t have much in the fridge.  I did notice that there was half an onion, some spam, and a couple green onions.  That’s enough, I thought, for frittata time.  This is actually the first time I’ve ever made frittata, but I get the general concept and I do love eating it, so….

What I did:

  • Beat together 6 eggs with some milk, salt and pepper.  Chopped up 1/4 onion, some Spam and cherry tomatoes from the garden.  Sliced up the green onion (just the green part).
  • In my cast iron skillet over about a medium heat, I cooked up the Spam with a touch of olive oil so it would get a bit of a crisp started.  Then added some butter (about a pat) with some more olive oil (couple times around to coat).  Added the onion and threw in the tomatoes last.  Toss with a bit more salt.  All this only take s a couple minutes.  Then pour in the eggs, making sure everything gets covered.
  • Knocked the heat back to about low-med.  A few more minutes and you’ll start to see the edges cooking.  I take a silicon spatula around the edge to make sure it’s not sticking.
  • Once the edges are cooked a bit, I topped it with pieces of cheese (I only had American) and sprinkled with the green onion and some Parmesan.
  • Put the whole skillet into a 350 degree oven and cooked an additional ~10-15min.

Not the fanciest frittata ever, but a good solution to work with what you’ve got and it certainly made my belly happy.  Mmm… like eggy breakfast pizza!

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