Wun Ying Postcards

Knowing my interest in fantastic (as in fantasy, not just good) and interesting art, on her trip to China, my friend Kat picked up some Wun Ying postcards for me.  The Wun Ying Collection is by a Hong Kong artist named Carrie Chua.  I didn’t know who she was before Kat’s thoughtful souvenirs, but am so glad to have discovered her!  I asked TaiTai what “wun ying” meant since she speak Cantonese.  She wasn’t sure.  Then she thought maybe it meant flies.  And then realized flies was “woo ying”…

The one with the girl is called “Mid Summer Dreaming” and the starry one is called “Non-Stop Game”.  So cute and the details are great.  (apologies for the glare)

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