Painting Patio Furniture

My friend, J, has this expensive patio furniture set that had just totally been beat down by weather.  This past summer, she mentioned that she wanted to throw it away and get another set, but felt so wasteful getting rid of it.  I suggested she just sand it down and re-paint it.  J’s not a big do-it-yourself, home improvement kind of gal, so I told her I’d help (not that I am, but I sure did want to try!.. hehe).  It would be fun!  Plus, this was her chance to make it her own.  The dark, conservative wood look is more her hubby’s style.  And it did end up being fun, mostly because we polished off multiple bottles of wine during the process.  We went to Home Depot and the paint guy helped us pick out the right type of paint.  J wanted an antique look, so we figured one coat would be enough.  The paint guy said we wouldn’t need a top coat because it was built it.

We started at 10am.  We sanded all the parts with medium grit sandpaper.  Used two types of brushes, one smaller, to get in between the slats.  J had picked 3 really cool, beachy colors: white, pale green, and pale blue — totally her style and very Martha Stewart summer.  By the time we were done with everything, it was around 6 pm and we were both pretty ready to drop, but check out the results below — looks awesome, right?!  Yipee!

Lessons learned:

  • If you’re going to be working out in the sun all day during summer, use sunblock.  If you keep changing your clothes from T-shirt to ultimately bikini top (ahem, J) because it’s so dang hot, don’t forget to put sunblock on the new exposed areas.
  • Wine makes everything more fun.  Too much wine in the sun, however, may result in repeated falls onto your ass because you can’t keep your balance while crouching down to paint. (Again, ahem, J)  =)
  • Now that it’s gone through a few seasons of our recent schizophrenic LA weather, the paint is starting to really flake off.  I’d suggested adding a weather resistance top coat.


2 Comments to “Painting Patio Furniture”

  1. Cooooooool!!! Love the new look!

  2. well, now, you ARE a home improvement do-it-yoself kinda crafty girl after all. must’ve felt sense of accomplishment! totally revamped that dark wood!

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